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Replenish Your Fescue Lawn with Fall Overseeding  

Lawn seeding, or overseeding, each year is crucial to maintaining a healthy Fescue lawn.   

At Green Group Oklahoma, we understand the importance of a lush and vibrant lawn. If your fescue lawn looks thin, patchy, or weak by the end of summer, our lawn overseeding service is just what your Tulsa lawn needs! With high-quality grass seed, we can help your lawn repair after hot Oklahoma summers. Our skilled team is dedicated to providing excellent service and results with our aeration and overseeding services. Contact us today for a free quote!  

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What is Overseeding?  

Early fall is a great time to overseed your lawn and fill in bare patches in your cool-season grass. 

Overseeding, also known as lawn seeding, is the process of applying new grass seed to an existing lawn. Fescue, a cool-season type of grass, can become weak and thin by late summer due to hot Tulsa weather, foot traffic, and mowing. The peak growing season for Fescue lawns is during fall and winter, which makes early fall the best time to overseed your lawn in Tulsa. Prior to overseeding, core aeration is crucial as it helps alleviate soil compaction and thatch build-up, and will promote stronger root growth for your new grass. Lawn seeding in the fall gives the seedlings all winter and spring to germinate and develop healthy root systems. Following your overseeding, watering is the next crucial step to seeing seed germination, healthy growth, and a beautiful lawn.  

Benefits of Overseeding for Your Fescue Lawn

There are many benefits that come with fescue overseeding in the fall. Our team will work with you to provide the best tips for watering and aftercare to ensure you get the most out of your fall overseeding.  

New Growth 

Annual lawn seeding helps fill in patchy, bare spots throughout your Fescue lawn that have become thin or damaged by summer stress.  

Better Turf Density  

Successful seeding results in thicker lawn growth and better turf density which will benefit the overall health of your lawn as well as build a stronger natural barrier of weed defense. 

Improved Lawn Appearance 

Fall and winter are the peak season for cool-season grasses, and fall overseeding helps improve the lush, green appearance of your fescue lawn throughout its growing season.  

Better Resistance and Recovery  

Overseeding enhances your lawn’s ability to fight off insects, lawn diseases, and weed breakthroughs. It also helps improve your lawn’s resiliency to recover quickly from stress. 

Professional Fescue Aeration & Overseeding Services for Tulsa Lawns   

Green Group Oklahoma offers overseeding for fescue lawns to homeowners in Tulsa, Bixby, Sand Springs, Broken Arrow, and surrounding areas.   

Homeowners looking to repair their Fescue lawn can trust the professionals at Green Group Oklahoma. We will take care of your lawn aeration first to break up compacted soil to ensure your new grass seed is set up for success. Next, we’ll complete your fescue overseeding with high-quality seed and detailed attention to bare spots throughout the lawn. After our seeding services, we’re happy to offer you guidance and recommendations for successful aftercare, watering, and lawn mowing. We recommend pairing our lawn seeding services with our regular lawn care program to sustain a healthy lawn year-round. Green Group Oklahoma offers fertilization and weed control treatment plans, mosquito control, grub control, and more. Contact us today to get a quote! 

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