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The Best Grass Types for Tulsa Lawns

When it comes to successful Tulsa Lawn Care, there are a few things homeowners should know when choosing the best type of grass for the lawn. Tulsa, Oklahoma is considered a transition zone for growing grass. This means warm-season grasses or cool-season grasses can be suitable for the climate. The important factors homeowners should consider…

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Common Lawn Pests in Tulsa

Nothing spoils a nice summer day on the lawn more than finding out you have a pest problem on your hands. Lawn pests may pop up in your lawn and it’s important to act fast to avoid them doing costly damage. Tulsa lawns are susceptible to various lawn insects like armyworms, chinch bugs, grubs, and…

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Summer Watering Tips for Tulsa Lawns

Summer Watering Tips for Tulsa Lawns   The temperatures in Oklahoma are starting to rise as we approach the summer months! Knowing how to keep your lawn hydrated is crucial to having a lush, green lawn. Homeowners in the Tulsa area should have irrigation and lawn maintenance at top-of-mind as we enter the peak growing…

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Can you revive your plants and lawn?

Thanks to Dustin Stoll, Director of Horticulture at Tulsa Botanic Garden for sharing this timely bit of wisdom with us! If the last two years have taught us anything here in Tulsa, it has been that you can’t always rely on Mother Nature to be predictable. In February 2021, we saw a record breaking freeze,…

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Watering Tips for Fescue Overseeding in Tulsa

Watering Tips for Fescue Overseeding in Tulsa   Proper watering is the most important determining factor in the successful overseeding of your Tulsa lawn. The best grass seed, healthy soil tests, and perfect timing can all be wasted if the new fescue seed doesn’t receive adequate irrigation. Water is the life source for plant systems, so…

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Tips for Seeding a Fescue Lawn in Tulsa   

Tips for Seeding a Tall Fescue Lawn in Tulsa    When maintaining a lush fescue lawn in Tulsa, fall overseeding is a must. The hot climate in Oklahoma can cause stress to cool-season grasses and fall is the best time to replenish and repair your brittle fescue grass. To see the best results when seeding fescue,…

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The Best Time for Fescue Overseeding in Tulsa

The Best Time for Fescue Overseeding in Tulsa   With summer winding down and fall right around the corner, we will soon be starting up our fall fescue seeding services here in Tulsa. The time window to seed cool-season grasses generally falls between September to October. This allows the fescue seed to germinate and establish…

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Make Sure You Purchase Quality Grass Seed

Aeration and seeding season is fast approaching. This year has provided many challenges for seed growers as they have faced drought conditions in their regions, as well as wildfires that have destroyed a portion of seed crops. In addition to growing challenges, seed purchasers are facing distribution challenges due to pandemic-related shipping cost increases and…

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What’s Up With My Grass?

Spring in Oklahoma is always a little unpredictable, which I guess is what makes it fun.  Some years we start off warm and stay warm.  2021 has so far not been one of those years.  While we may have tried to block out the brutal cold that occurred in February, the effects of those temperatures…

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