Passionately committed to better service in lawn care

At Green Group Oklahoma, we believe in helping happy grow. In fact, we believe in it so much, that we made it our tagline. We want you to be so happy with your service that you will tell others about us. We want our employees to be so happy they will tell others about us too. Why? Because happy employees = happy customers, plain and simple.

When it comes to Tulsa lawn care, we really know our stuff. Our team has decades of experience not only making the lawns in Tulsa look good, but offering our customers a great experience as well. We hope you will check us out!

Benjamin Allen – Vice President, Midwest

My interest in lawn care started when I took a job with LawnAmerica in the spring of 2001. I had the opportunity to hold multiple positions within that company as we grew it from a small, local Tulsa lawn care business into the largest privately owned lawn care provider in the state of Oklahoma. I believe we grew that business by honoring our values and pleasing our customers so much, that they started telling their friends and neighbors.

Caring for lawns and customers is where I got my start, but over the years, developing our staff and leadership became a major part of my own personal satisfaction. After Lawn America was sold, I helped a few companies locally before joining Green Group Companies. A big part of what attracted me to Green Group was their focus on caring for their people. It aligned with my beliefs on developing people so that they can grow. We don’t just grow grass, we grow people.

I have been happily married since 1999 and my wife and I are proud to have raised our family here in Tulsa. We have two great kids and three dogs. We like to hike mountains, explore the Oklahoma plains and spend time by the ocean. Other than that, I enjoy coffee and silence. I guess you could say I am a fairly boring guy. Lawn care and family, that is pretty much my world and I am totally okay with that.

Benjamin Allen - Tulsa Lawn Care - Green Group Oklahoma

Mich Jost, Operations Manager

Fun fact about me – I was the first employee at Green Group Oklahoma. It has been exciting to watch this company grow, right here in Tulsa.

My wife and I moved back to Tulsa a little over 12 years ago so we could be closer to family. I have been working in the lawn care business for a little over 8 years now. I started my career at Lawn America, and after they were sold, I worked at multiple companies before finding my place with Green Group. I am dedicated to delivering the best lawn care service experience in Tulsa and this company aligns with my values to do that.

As a father of 3, it is important to me to have a staff who is well trained in the products we use to safely deliver beautiful lawns to homeowners in Tulsa and surrounding areas. I enjoy the science of lawn care and ensuring quality service – always.

photo of Mitch Jost, Green Group Oklahoma

Chris Lemaster, Field Manager

I started off working in the lawn care industry by being a landscaper for a small company in Kansas. I was originally hired on to be a mechanic and when everything was fixed, I started helping out the field team. Because it was a small company, it allowed me to dip my toes into all aspects of lawn and landscape work. I’ve done everything from irrigation installations and repairs to chemical applications to plant installs and everything in between.

Eventually, I moved to Tulsa, where I was given a position as a “Technician” at Lawn America. Within 6 months of being there, I was promoted to a Route Manager where I had 500 customers to take care of. After one year in a hand route, I was promoted again to the Z Spray team where we did nothing but large properties that required a Z Spray Machine (a ride-on piece of equipment that allows you to treat larger properties evenly in less time). Two years went by and I was promoted again into a Team Leader position where I had a team of 6 employees.

After we were acquired by TruGreen and I stayed on as a Field Manager for one year before I decided it was time to move on to another landscaping company in town. It was then that I was approached by Green Group. I found that my values aligned perfectly with theirs and I chose to come work alongside Benjamin, Mitch, Adam, and the rest of the team.

I reside in Tulsa with my wife and family and I love having the opportunity to serve this community!

photo of Chris Lemaster, Green Group Oklahoma